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Welcome to Vostok Amphibian. Here you can learn more about the legendary Vostok Amphibian watches manufactured by Vostok Watch Makers at a watch factory in the city of Chistopol, Russia. Also you can buy here these exceptional watches for your collection or to wear daily.

What's so good about Amphibian watches

  • Vostok Amphibian are the best value mechanical diving watches in the world, fit for scuba diving (WR 200m).
  • Low prices notwithstanding, Vostok Amphibian watches feature high quality and reliability providing consistent satisfaction to their owners.
  • The watch was originally designed in the USSR in 1967, and have been manufactured at the same place ever since.
  • Made in Russia. The movement is assembled and cased up in Chistopol, where most of the components are also made.
  • Vostok Amphibian watches come in many designs with various accessories that can make your watch special.
Vostok Amphibian Scuba Dude

Now for some sad news

  • The Chistopol Watch Factory, founded in 1941, filed for bankruptcy in 2010. Same city-based successor company, Vostok Watch Makers, Inc., has carried the watch manufacturing on.
  • Currently the USSR-era 2416N Vostok Amphibian clockwork is the last automatic movement still being made in Russia.
  • The company is reluctant to improve its products. The equipment stock needs upgrading. Chinese components are often purchased rather than expanding local production.
  • The quality of watch assembly has markedly dropped since the collapse of the USSR, and is still on the decline. Also, the technology has become much less advanced, from case to dial manufacturing.

What do I do if I still want to own a Russian watch?

The best thing to do may be to buy a USSR-made watch. Vostok Amphibian watches produced in that period are perfectly reliable and feature more elaborate designs. At online or offline flea markets you can easily find any model manufactured in that time, including models that had never been in sale.

Sadly, watch aficionados often can't bring themselves to wear a timepiece that they like after having spent a lot of time to find it in a good shape, and a lot of effort and money on its repair and maintenance. So they will keep it in their collection, while still having no Russian watch to wear every day.

This website was specifically created to help you buy a Russian watch without having to face typical Russian problems.

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