Which Vostok Amphibian model to choose

Model number

Every model of Amphibian watches has number like 123456. First 3 digits is the case (and besel) code, last 3 digits is the dial code.

Ранее безели на всех корпусах были одинаковыми, с 2013 года все виды корпусов имеют свой собственный дизайн безеля.

The case

Different types of cases and their sizes are shown at the picture below:

Main differencies

Different Amphibian models has 2 major differencies:

  • if there a date on the dial
  • is lug width 18 or 22 mm.

Both of these parameters depend on case model (code)

  • there is a date on 710 и 420 cases (710xxx or 420xxx models), models 090xxx has no date
  • lug width on 900xxx and 710xxx models is 22 mm, 420xxx caser has 18 mm lugs

The dial

There are numerous models of Amphibian watches. There even could be a Komandirskie dial in an Amphibian watches.

But the most known is the Scuba Dude dial.

Black Scuba Dude has matte face with printed marks.

Blue Scuba Dude has glossy pearl-like face with polished hour marks.

090xxx models (so called "new barrel") has popular 1967-like design of dial with no date on it.

Other differencies

The weight of watches is also depends on type of case. 090 cases are most heavy while 420xxx are the lightest.

Every case has own bracelet type but all of them aren't good sadly.

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